Setting The Standard in Plastic Pipe Construction



Quickly  approaching 1,000,000 feet of pipe installed, Fusion-Pro's experience  installing geothermal ground loops is unparalleled. 

A  geothermal ground loop (or ground heat exchanger) is the most integral  component in any geothermal application. Poor joint fusions and  improper installation methods can all result in costly repairs. In some  extreme cases, faulty joints can permanently disable the system.

At  Fusion-Pro, we understand the importance of ensuring each ground loop  is installed properly. At the initial design phase, we work with  geothermal engineers to establish the appropriate installation method  based on each client's needs. From there we come up with a  cost effective plan to tackle the installation.

Once the ground loop is installed, we work closely with your HVAC contractor to make the necessary connections to the geothermal heat pump units.



We Install all types of ground loops- Horizontally drilled, vertical wells, race track, and slinky. We have done them all! 


We offer many options when it comes to servicing a geothermal ground loop. Pressure tests, flushing, and repairs.


Our experienced team is well versed in various plastic piping used in today's system. From PVC, to High Density Polyethylene, and Polypropylene pipe, we install it.